Why food?

Food is an integral part of human society. We cultivate food, we talk about food, we cook food – and we ultimately eat food to survive. It is the very sustenance that keeps our bodies able and our minds awake. Then why is there such a disconnect between our highly processed, manufactured “foods” and the original foods we use to engineer these newfound edibles? Are we consciously aware of what we’re eating? How does what we eat affect the lives of our families, our neighbors, and communities hundreds of miles away? Why should we care about food? 

These are questions I often ask myself, as a food-conscious individual trying to lead a sustainable life in the 21st century. I suspect you have asked yourself many of these fundamental questions, too. On a basic biological level, we humans are bound together by food and its associated experiences. Let us explore this ever-changing culture of food together. It is my hope this database will spark discussion, critical thinking, and serve as an archive of food-and-culture related materials over the next year. Please enjoy. 

-Bethany N. Bella